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Your Code of Conduct Defines You

Never lower your standards, compromise your integrity, or dishonor your name. Your code of conduct defines you. Here are 10 ways people degrade themselves:

Give in to temptation. Some folks stretch the truth, let their eyes wander, or get seduced by money. I hope you have the willpower and self-respect to say “no.”

Relax their standards. Some people are tempted to lower their standards because others are slacking off. While it may be appealing to take a breather, bad habits are hard to break.

Follow the crowd. Some folks follow the pack because they assume others know better. Even though a group may provide comfort and security, it doesn’t guarantee that their motives are pure or that they’re thinking rationally or ethically. Know when to say “no.”

Mimic inappropriate behavior. Some people fall into a bad crowd and imitate their behavior. The truth is, “Everybody does it” doesn’t mean you have to do it.

Look the other way. Some folks turn their backs, fail to speak out, or cover up for unethical behavior because it’s convenient. Every time you close your eyes to immorality or injustice, you’re condoning it.

Crave acceptance. Some people will do anything to win acceptance from the in-crowd. Think long and hard before you pay the price of admission.

Get dragged into a tussle. Some people always seem to be looking for a fight. While you may be provoked to jump in, think twice before you take the plunge. As a famous saying goes, “Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.”  

Lose control of their temper. Some folks respond emotionally, which is never a good idea. If you’re angry or upset, count to 10 before communicating your feelings. If that doesn’t work, try 20.

Compromise their values. Some folks impose their way of thinking on others. You win a debate with a better argument, not by force.

Take shortcuts. Some folks act unethically to look good, cover their behind, or get what they want. The prize for living with honor and integrity is that, even though you won’t win all the time, you’ll be true to yourself and your values.

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Do You Abide By a Code of Conduct?

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