What Life Lessons Have You Learned in 2021? – Life Optimizer

In 2021, i have seen the lord acting on my life, every thing just fell in place at the right time, to be honest there were no signs of it all when it started.
all i can tell is that there is a potential in me and in everybody as well, and through out the year of 2021, i was very fortunate to meet poeple who could recognize that and of course that changed my life a lot, in all sectors of life.
making the wise decision after a series of many mentors and advisors, was no easy at all, and i met constraint mid year, where i had to choose between 3 different potential orientations, choosing the one with most ROI was no easy given the society and the norms, and having learnt practically and experimentally to weigh different choices at hand have tought me to think twice before everything especially things that involve my future.