U of Southern California Sued Over False Rankings

Former students are suing the University of Southern California over false rankings for its education school based on data submitted by the university to U.S. News & World Report, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The class action suit was filed Tuesday.

“People certainly paid a premium given how expensive the school is,” said Kristen Simplicio, a lawyer representing the students. “That ranking was one of the reasons that school was able to charge as much as it did.”

An outside investigator released to the university a report on the rankings in May. The report found numerous instances in which false data were submitted. For instance, the university submitted data on Ph.D. students but not Ed.D. students, which resulted in higher rankings. USC had a ranking of No. 11 among education schools in May.

USC told the Times that it had not received the suit and so couldn’t comment on it.

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