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We’re all human. That explains why we sometimes think in the short term, crave instant gratification, and yield to temptation. After all, nobody’s perfect. But although these behaviors may offer momentary pleasure, eventually we have to deal with the negative consequences of our actions. So, think before you act.

Chew on it first, before you act, or it may come back to bite you.

Are You Selling Your Future Short?

Why do people knowingly do things that come back to bite them? Are they impulsive, shortsighted, and in some cases, greedy? Or is it due to a lapse in judgement, failure to think, or simply ignoring their conscience? It doesn’t really matter why people behave this way; the point is that they’re sabotaging their future.

Never risk the things that’ll matter most to you one day because you feel the urge to satisfy yourself today.

Do you:

  • Remain true to your values or give in to peer pressure?
  • Tackle tough problems or kick the can down the road?
  • Pursue success one small step at a time or chase get-rich-quick schemes?
  • Save for the future or live beyond your means?
  • Nurture long-term customer relationships or try to make a quick buck?
  • Have the will to say no or give in to temptation?
  • Make sacrifices to insure a bright future or party like there’s no tomorrow?
  • Do what’s right or mimic inappropriate behavior?
  • Address the root cause of your problems or pursue quick fix solutions?
  • Remain strong, even though it hurts, or quit when things get tough?
  • Forge win-win relationships or plot to gain the upper hand?
  • Invest for the long haul or yield to your short-term desires?
  • Address bad behavior head-on or avoid confrontation to keep the peace?
  • Set stretch goals or lower your expectations to guarantee success?
  • Conduct yourself with honor and integrity or win at all costs?

It all comes down to this simple premise: Think before you act. The decisions you make today will dictate your tomorrow.

Live for Today AND Tomorrow

Most of the self-help gurus will tell you to live for today. In other words, make every moment matter instead of reliving the past or worrying about your future. The problem is that even though a choice may seem like a no-brainer now, you can bet there’ll be a consequence of that decision one day. Therefore, don’t let a moment of happiness leave you with a lifetime of regret.

Your life is determined by the sum of the choices YOU make. So, the next time you conclude that short-term thinking, craving instant gratification, or yielding to temptation doesn’t matter very much, pause for a moment to consider how much it really will. Think before you act.

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Are You Careful to Think Before You Act?

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