The Benefits Of Owning A Lightweight Foldable Wheelchair For Your Disability

A disability should not prevent one from enjoying life and seeing the world. Many people with a disability struggle to cope and adjust, especially if it results from an accident or an illness. A sudden life-altering event that takes away one’s mobility can often result in other illnesses like depression and musculoskeletal diseases. It’s excellent that assistive devices are available to help them manage their day-to-day activities.

An assistive device like a lightweight foldable wheelchair can give their lives a whole new meaning. It can help with their freedom and allow them to explore the world on two wheels. People with mobility challenges have widely used this device, such as those who suffer from a stroke, have ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, MS or multiple sclerosis, those who are severely obese, the older population, and children with special needs.

People with disability are the world’s most significant minority, comprising about 15% of the world’s population. And today, around 131.8 million people worldwide require a wheelchair. If you or a member of your family have a mobility challenge and would need a wheelchair, it’s best to get light foldable wheelchairs than those cheap but heavy ones. Here are the benefits of lightweight foldable wheelchairs:

1. Easy to Transport

Wheelchairs used to be very bulky and heavy, weighing on average about 20lbs. Newer wheelchairs today can weigh as light as 13.5 lbs. It’s made from high-quality, lightweight aluminum for the frame and solid polyurethane for the wheels.

The wheelchair can easily be folded and assembled; even a child can do it independently. Its portability can make it very easy to pop into the trunk of your car. And if you have a compact car, most wheelchairs have removable wheels so you can fit them right in.

2. Less Strain On The Caregiver

A caregiver helping their patient move around in a wheelchair for several hours can be very exhausting. Not to mention the strain on the wrist and other body parts, such as the back, neck, and shoulder, from pulling, bending, pushing, and overexertion.

The long–term repetitive actions can result in musculoskeletal injuries. A lighter wheelchair has less strain on them, as they help their patient go anywhere they wish without feeling too much pain and stress.

Lifting the device to the car would be easier, and carrying it will be manageable because of its sturdy handle and separate carry-on storage bag.

3. Prioritizes Safety

The wheelchair has two sets of rigs to ensure the patient’s safety. The first rig can be found on the wheel, which the patient can utilize to stop it from moving, while the other set is located on the handle on the rear for the caregiver. The brakes will slow the wheelchair and lock it in place when needed. You can attach an optional anti-tipper tool to the chair’s rear to prevent it from stumbling backward.

4. Gives You Comfort

Most lightweight wheelchairs have removable cushions for comfort. The padded cushions will give the patient’s buttocks and back a softer material to rest on. Some wheelchairs also have ergonomic features to put less strain on the patient’s back. Ordinary wheelchairs have an L-shaped seat and backrest, but today’s modern wheelchairs support the natural curves of the pelvis and spine. This feature ensures even pressure distribution, encourages upright posture, and stabilizes the patient’s pelvic area.

5. Can Be Stored In Small Spaces

With a lightweight foldable wheelchair, you don’t have to worry about storage. Once the wheelchair is properly folded the size will only be 28x31x8 inches. You can store it in compact spaces. And when you pop off the wheel, it will even get smaller at 28x26x6 inches.

6. Gives You Independence

Most disabled individuals often feel depressed about their condition and would not like to rely on caregivers to assist them. Losing one’s ability to move independently can affect one’s mental health. A lightweight wheelchair will allow a disabled individual to move and carry out specific household chores, thus giving one a feeling of self-worth. While outside, being able to move effortlessly by yourself gives you the independence your disability has taken from you.

7. You Can Travel Anywhere With It

Traveling with a portable, lightweight wheelchair will be possible. You can even enjoy a trip abroad with your family. You will no longer be left alone at home and feel included in many events. Even a trip to the mall, the park, or the neighborhood will be stress-free and effortless.


A disability is not the be-all and end-all of your life. You can still enjoy your limited mobility with the help of excellent assistive devices like a lightweight foldable wheelchair. This device can help you get anywhere with less effort and stress. Even your caregiver and family will enjoy taking you places with it since its lightweight quality won’t give them strain and pain.