Taking the leap to become an expert

Are you a psychologist, coach, artist, baker, clothing designer or someone with specialized knowledge? You can be even more helpful to a wider group of people as an expert.

The photo is psychiatrist and brain imaging specialist Dr. Daniel Amen, who gives PBS presentations such as “Magnificent Mind at Any Age.”

Maybe he is your idea of “expert” – someone with “credentials” and the “prestige” to engage a large audience.

But we all have areas of expertise that can help other people.

Listening to video presentations by Brendon Burchard, author of The Millionaire Messenger and creator of Experts Academy, I have been re-thinking the concept of “expert” and realizing many talented people can more effectively help others by acknowledging and valuing their own abilities, and using the many channels of education, publishing and digital media we now have available.

Here is a video by Burchard:

In her article Becoming an Expert, Alyson Mead comments, “More than ever before, people want to be perceived as experts. They understand that there is a willing audience for their work, and all they have to do is package and sell that information to as wide a market as possible.

“But there’s a lot more to being an expert than just calling yourself one.”

She notes, “The word expert derives from the Latin expertus, meaning, ‘to try.’ As this word passed from Old French to Middle English, it was often used as a noun, to mean ‘a person with great skill or knowledge of a certain subject,’ or an adjective, to mean ‘demonstrating great skill or knowledge of a certain subject.’

“That’s also how it survives in our present-day understanding of the word.”

But, she adds, “What’s interesting about this mini-lesson in etymology is that, at our cores, we are all experts.”

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