Parental Controls Ultimate Guide

boy in black crew neck shirtThe Internet floods not only with cute pics and amusing memes. With the variety of streaming sites and social media platforms, kids are easy to access objectionable content or face persons with ill intentions. As a responsible and caring parent, you should constantly follow the online life of your little ones. And parental controls may facilitate your life to a great extent.

There is no problem if you have never even heard about these digital wonders. Today we will deeply cover everything you need to know about parental controls on tech. So let’s get it started!

What Is Parental Control? 

This specific tool for parents is to monitor kids and tech web activity. The variety is impressive, from software products to mobile apps you can purchase, subscribe to or get for free. Others are already in-built on smartphones, laptops, and computers or ensured by Internet providers.

With parental controls, you can do the following:

  • Block objectionable sites and other harmful content
  • Track on sites or apps used by a kid
  • Limit download and purchase ability on specific apps
  • Monitor screen time and child development round-the-clock
  • Trace kids’ social media viewing and posting
  • Control or restrict what children may type or record to protect them from cyberbullying or hate speech
  • Set age filters on watching movies, TV shows and videos
  • Limit total screen time or screen time of certain apps, video games and children
  • Restrict searching ability via search engines
  • Enable youtube parental controls

Points to Consider While Choosing Parental Controls

It goes without saying that such tools are handy for monitoring the overall screen time and child development performance, especially concerning teens. But most will claim it means an invasion of their privacy and deny its importance. Still, every family should make up their mind considering a number of factors as:

  • Kids’ age and maturity
  • Children’s sensitivity to content types, even when they show up just upsetting
  • Taking risks level of a kid
  • Children’s mental health state
  • Whether a kid is prone to follow set rules
  • Parents’ values and concerns over sources visited by kids

Parental Controls Valuable Benefits

Parental control product goes with numerous perks, but it’s worth looking through the hottest ones that might enhance your parenting life.

1. Screen Time Limiting

Unfortunately, different online games and social media can negatively impact kids’ mental health. By going for parental controls, parents may completely manage children’s online activity and screen time spending. A screen time guide for parents will help you make time limiting as smoothest as possible and less painless for children.

Plus, a vast array of filters are at your disposal. So adjusting to meet your child’s needs will be a piece of cake. For example, set up search engine filters in a way it finds only appropriate video games for a 6 year old and nothing above this age.

2. Restrict Cyberbullying

The ever-rising Internet dependence has caused massive cyberbullying issues. So now parental controlling tools are a must if you want to save your kid from different web dangers such as abuse, scams and demeaning. Just set alerts on suspicious fraud, hate speech or sexual nature of text messages or photos to always keep abreast. That way, your kid can’t be a victim of cyber hooligans.

3. Location Tracking

Another priceless parental control perk is tracing family members’ location. Available GPS apps allow you to know whether your little ones are safe and in needed places. It might be extremely useful in case of emergencies. Configure your children’s phones and tablets to keep GPS or location services operable all the time. Chatting with kids and clarifying Internet safety rules is also essential.