Myths Of Creativity in Business

In a Fast Company magazine article a few years ago, Bill Breen addressed business creativity and innovation in the workplace and asked, “What can leaders do to sustain the stimulants to creativity — and break through the barriers?”

He outlined a number of myths related to developing creativity that psychologist Teresa Amabile (Harvard Business School) found in her research.

Here are some excerpts from the article, quoting Amabile:

1. Creativity Comes From Creative Types

As a leader, you don’t want to ghettoize creativity; you want everyone in your organization producing novel and useful ideas, including your financial people…

The fact is, almost all of the research in this field shows that anyone with normal intelligence is capable of doing some degree of creative work.

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The Truth About Creativity conference

The Truth About Creativity is hosted by David Burkus, author of the book The Myths of Creativity.

He summarizes one of the themes of the conference:

“We tend to think about creativity in terms that are reminiscent of the ancient muses. We talk about being divinely inspired or have flashes of insight, like creativity is only open to a lucky few.

“The truth is that we are all able to be creative on demand and improve our capacity to develop novel, useful ideas that will keep ourselves and our organizations competitive.

The online conference includes video interviews with 31 experts on creativity and innovation. Recording packages of the live interviews are available: videos (MP4), audios (MP3) and PDF transcripts.


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