Multi-Talented but Under-Challenged?

By Marie-Josée Salvas, Positive Psychology News Daily

A good friend of mine could be the next Martha Stewart. In fact, let’s call her Martha.

Martha loves to cook and does it beautifully.

Guests that she entertains for dinner wow at the presentation, rejoice throughout the meal, and are somewhat embarrassed when it’s their turn to invite her over.

Martha is equally talented at home design. Her own home is both harmonious and stylish, and she’s the go-to person for anyone in her group of friends who needs advice on décor.

Having studied fashion, she can also help just about any lady plan a make-over, including hair, make-up or clothing style.

As if her skill set wasn’t complete enough already, she’s also the funniest person I know (and I know a lot of people!).

It’s great to have a friend like Martha around. But it’s a real shame to see her go to the same federal office day after day so she can send emails, make photocopies, stamp paperwork, and align numbers in the right columns.

Continued: Multi-Talented but Under-Challenged?


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