Most of us wish we could have an organized life. Toys placed in bins, clothes laundered and hung, a spotless kitchen, a living room that’s Instagram worthy and a bed that feels like a warm welcoming hug from a friend. 

Well, what if I told you that you CAN achieve this with a few simple mindset switch-ups. You’d most likely think, “ok but how much will this cost me”, right? The short answer is — its costs only your time.  

Time management is something a lot of people pride themselves on. They schedule calls, zooms, hair appointments, nail appointments, gym appointments, eyebrow appointments, play dates, automotive work, spa treatments, doctors, appointments, brunch dates, etc. etc. etc. BUT when do we formally schedule a good 30 minutes a day or even an hour a week just to make our home-life better? 

Think about it, from the moment, you wake up and open your eyes, you stare at your nightstand for a second or two, then perhaps you walk to the bathroom.  Ok, let’s pause here…. what do you see in those two instances? Is your nightstand clean and motivating? Is your bathroom counter clean? Or are both areas filled with clutter, phone, chargers, clothing and things that you shouldn’t be there? 

Perhaps you walk into the kitchen and you have an island there filled with laptops, chargers, mail, (and countless miscellaneous things that shouldn’t be on an island).  

Ok, now let’s pause again, think about it, it’s called an island which is supposed to be a place to rest and enjoy a delicious healthy beverage or bite. I understand that most of us have had to work from home and continue to do so and because of that, we’ve created these mini office annex’s everywhere. However, in each room there should be at least one surface that’s allocated for our eyes to enjoy, our breaths to be able to exhale and take a moment of respite. A place that instantly inspires us. 

If we take 30 minutes a day (or an hour or two a week) to address some of these tasks instead of saying “I’ll get to it when I have time”, you’ll start to see an instant impact or as I call it, a space shift, into having a more manicured home-life. 

Now, if you’re someone that is a clean freak and you do your chores, make your bed and the dishes are done daily then this isn’t necessarily a problem for you. But if you still feel like your home needs that extra (as the French say) “je ne sais quoi”, then please keep reading on… 

A few simple solutions to work into your 30 min session that will help anyone out there are to: 

Contain the clutter – decorative boxes and bins are your friends. Perfect solution for remotes and phone chargers that sit out on a coffee table. 

Boxes are also great on desks for office supply needs or zoom call appearance touch-ups.

Stackable canvas bins with lids are also great next to sofas for WFH needs or kids toys. Make sure to source solid (no pattern) designs when purchasing storage solutions. We want to create more calm in your space, not bring attention to yet another bold print or pattern.  

Curate the crap – time to toss things that “you might need one day”.  Edit your home entirely! 

From drawers to closets, and every surface within your home, keep only your A+ items. It’s better to have nothing than to hold onto broken things or wrong things that are placeholders. For example, if you have a chair in a corner that you intend to toss when you finally buy the new chair or decide to reupholster it, chances are if you haven’t done that in 30 days, the chair is going to sit there and collect clothing and handbags and clutter. Get rid of the chair and you get rid of the messy cluttered corner.  

Create zones – if there are multiple people living in your home and there’s that “one” person that likes to leave a trail of mess, sequester them to a zone.

Creating a zone in a room by adding in bookshelves can be accomplished by taking away a few feet from that space, and creating a wall using bookshelves. This helps conceal and create space.

You’ve heard of a swear jar, will let’s call this a mess jar. Every time someone leaves a trail of mess, they have to put a dollar (or more) in the jar. Holding people accountable, whether it’s a spouse, partner, child, roommate or even a houseguest is key. Boundaries should also have a place at home. 

Cheap and cheerful – Your house is clean, you’ve curated the clutter, tossed out the crap and created zones. Now it’s time to treat yourself to some cheap and cheerful items. Even a fresh bouquet of flowers in your entrance way or placed on your nightstand is a great way to inspire oneself daily. 

Perhaps some new throw pillows will dazzle and delight you?  Whatever your go-to is, I highly recommend doing something that helps make your home celebratory to you.

Pillows are a great way to infuse pops of color into a room affordably.

It is funny to me how some people will spend $20 on a coffees or cocktails and not think twice about it. That experience literally goes into our mouth and out our …. well, you get the idea.

But convincing someone to spend $20 on fresh floral that will last a week or more, or a decorative pillow that will last almost forever, for some reason there’s a pause in their soul.  

I’m here to say — spend a small amount of money on things that make you happy and that lift your spirit in the morning and calm your senses at night. You can do this affordably these days, more than ever. And with the money most of you will likely gain if you implement the “messy jar” stated above, you won’t have to foot the bill for your first few little purchases. 

If you don’t have the extra money, then find other ways to incorporate this motto. Perhaps it’s a photo of a family member framed next to your night table, or a souvenir from a previous trip. Maybe it’s a piece of art your kid made in school, something organic from then yard or the park, whatever that item is put it in a place of prominence and where you’ll be able to enjoy.  

Before we part ways today on this topic, let me bring this entire article down to a few simple sentences that you can use as your new mantra: 

No need to always decorate, take time to curate. 

Edit your home to elevate your life.