Joe Vitale and Morty Lefkoe on intention versus inspiration

Kiss of the MuseMorty Lefkoe quotes Joe Vitale:

“I realize that most intentions are limitations. Intentions come from your ego and can actually limit what is possible for you to receive…

“For me, I want inspiration. When it comes, that becomes my new intention.

“But the intention comes from inspiration, not from limitation. The intention comes from the Divine, not my pipsqueak ego.”

Lefkoe comments: “Joe made an important distinction between inspiration, which comes from who we really are (the ‘creator’) and intention, which comes from who we think we are (the ego, the ‘creation’).

“Because our creation is pretty much run by our already-existing beliefs and conditionings, our intentions are not really freely chosen. Our intentions are determined by our past, or, to be more precise, the meaning we gave past experiences.”

From article What Drives You: “Intention” or “Inspiration”? by Morty Lefkoe.

Joe Vitale is author of many titles including The Awakening Course.

Morty Lefkoe is creator of belief change programs

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