How to Use the Meaning of Dreams for Your Benefit?

There are a huge number of dream books and theories about deciphering dreams. Even though people have been trying to comprehend the meaning and functions of dreams for many years, scientists have not yet been able to figure it out fully. However, most experts agree that dreams are related to real life. They don’t predict the future but give us the keys to understanding ourselves. You can find answers to some burning questions through the dream meaning analysis.

Interpret Your Dreams

To use what dreams bring you in real life, you first need to learn how to memorize and decipher them. The detailed instructions may differ depending on the theory and approaches you follow. For example, one of the most developed methodologies, Jungianism, recommends the following steps:

  1. First of all, you should develop awareness and attentiveness. The better you know what is happening in reality, the better you remember dreams.
  2. Keep a pen and a dream diary by your bed to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Try to recall all the circumstances: locations, time, participants, your emotions, and so on.
  3. Come up with direct associations to all key objects. Don’t use dream books to decipher them; it is better to look for exactly what pops up in your memory.
  4. Add auxiliary (circular) associations that will allow you to expand the analysis and get a complete picture of what happened in a dream. Carl Jung recommended creating a “cloud” of meanings around main objects. Include in this list both personal and generally accepted associations.
  5. Try to understand what a particular dream means for you by comparing what you dreamed with real-life events.

Your task in interpreting dreams is to determine what they mean specifically for you. Therefore, your life, events experienced during the day, and personal attitudes to certain issues are essential.

Understand the Meanings of Dreams

The Jungian theory sees dreams as compensation for your moral attitudes. For example, if you are a stubborn careerist but constantly dream of kids, it is a signal from your subconscious that you have misaligned values in real life ​​and need to put things in order. Dreaming allows you to expand your understanding and go beyond habitual patterns. Recurring plots clearly show you need to rethink your behavior in real life.

Some experts consider dreams as a kind of transformation of your desires. With their help, you can determine what exactly you want, what prevents you from getting it, and how to find ways to solve problems. With sufficient experience in deciphering dreams, you can even try to go into a semi-conscious state during the day and, using your imagination, get the answers you need, for example, from those you saw in a dream.

Apply Knowledge in Real Life

No matter how you feel about dreams, they can serve as an excellent tool for knowing yourself and your deepest desires and fears. During sleep, the brain processes the experience gained during the day and presents it in an altered form, thus giving you the opportunity to look at the events from a new angle. Based on all this, you can draw certain conclusions, thanks to which your real life will become better.