Einstein on bike

How can playing be good for us even when we are no longer kids?

Laura Berman Fortgang comments in her book The Little Book on Meaning: Why We Crave It, How We Create It :

“I remember once suggesting to a client that his life could be fun. It was such an insult to his intelligence that he walked out of my office never to return.

“I was fired. It struck me just as funny then as it does now.

“I had assaulted him in a way I would have never thought was an assault. It was a mere suggestion, but it was mind-bending to him. You would have thought I was trying to convert him to a bizarre new religion.”

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Einstein on bicycle, Santa Barbara, 1933. One of his related quotes:

“I thought of it while riding my bicycle.” – Reportedly about his Theory of Relativity.

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It’s all too easy for me – especially as a work-at-home entrepreneur – to get into a mindset that I need to keep pushing and striving and hacking away at that infinite to-do list, and not bother with even moments of fun.

Fortgang’s wise writing in her “Little Book” provides helpful reminders and perspectives on living more openly and relaxed.

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Julia Cameron: Play to Be More Creative

This is an excerpt from “The Artist’s Way: Creative Myths and Monsters” with Julia Cameron – hear the full (almost 1 hour) audio interview at the Hay House World Summit.

The Hay House summary says:

In this inspiring hour, Julia Cameron, one of the leading voices on creativity and the author of The Artist’s Way, discusses the many cultural myths we have formed around artistic creation.

Julia suggests that a deeper spiritual connection can improve your creativity and, vice versa, a stronger relationship with creativity will grow your spiritual life.

She believes that everyone is creative and advises anyone who wishes to expand their artistic life to develop three skills that she has used for over three decades.

Julia has witnessed firsthand how these practices can unblock even the most stuck artist.

The first tool, the foundation of the work, is Morning Pages, a daily ritual of writing three pages longhand—without stopping.

Listen in for the other tools that will open for you a “gateway to greater synchronicity.”


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