eBook Gems To Ring In The New Year

Celebrate 2023 With These eLearning Must-Reads

Ready to set some New Year’s resolutions? Looking for some eLearning reads to enjoy this holiday season? If so, we’ve got you covered on both accounts. These 9 hidden eBook gems offer insights to make the switch to online training, launch a cultural transformation strategy, and much more.

The Role Of eLearning In The Telecom Industry By TalentLMS

With the onset of the global pandemic, virtual connections quickly became staples of work and personal communication. The business world moved through a hurried digital transformation. And telecommunications solutions and services hurried to adapt. Easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to like, TalentLMS is designed to get a “yes” from everyone, including C-level execs, budget heads, and busy employees. Now, instead of checking out, your whole telecom organization can lean into training.

The Future Of Work: The Role Of Instructional Design In Converting VILT To eLearning In 2021 By AllenComm

This guide includes information to make the transition to a new, hybrid workplace that includes both in-person and remote work. Discover how converting VILT to eLearning through effective Instructional Design can revolutionize your L&D initiatives!

Time For Change: How To Launch A Successful Cultural Transformation Training Strategy For Your Enterprise By Docebo

Adapting to new team leadership, task protocols, or company policies is never easy. Online training and ongoing support can ease your team into the transition and alleviate stress. This eBook helps you introduce staffers to the new brand values, corporate beliefs, and key policies of your changing organizational culture. This eBook shows you how to continually evolve your brand with the right cultural transformation training strategy.

Learning Maturity Matters: Learning Management Survey By Cornerstone OnDemand

In the summer of 2020, Cornerstone surveyed HR and learning professionals about the current state of learning within their organization. This guide explores what we can learn from the answers, and the steps to take moving forward based on the Learning Management Survey findings.

Skill-Building Success: Using Intelligent Tech Tools For Employee Skill Development By CYPHER LEARNING

From competency-based learning and personalized learning paths to intelligent learning platforms and real-world impact, this eBook covers it all. It even outlines how to design effective skills development strategies in any organization with the help of the latest learning technologies!

Think Tasks, Not Apps: The Benefits Of Having A Big Bundle Of Tools In One Application By Setapp

In our digital-first working environment, apps matter. If you don’t have the right apps that facilitate you doing your best work efficiently, you may end up working longer hours and causing yourself headaches. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a big collection of tools all in one app so that you can make the most of your resources, boost team productivity, and turn your group projects into an unforgettable experience (for all the right reasons)?

5 Strategic Imperatives For High-Growth Learning Businesses By Thought Industries

After months of interviews with training and learning businesses, documenting their wisdom, and learning from their mistakes, what Thought Industries found was surprising. This eBook covers the 5 top imperatives we learned from successful training organizations.

COVID And The Great Resignation: Reimagining The Frontline Workplace And How Employers Can Compete By Bites

“The perfect storm” in the global workspace has led to many names—”the great resignation,” “the great shuffle,” and many more terms. We are living in an era that is redefining the way we shop, eat, gather, and do social functions that were seen as so natural before the pandemic set into our lives. Redefining the new normal and coping with labor shortages is done through communication, training, and constant feedback. Hybrid work, new disciplines, and the ever-changing workplace are what this eBook is about.

Insider Secrets To Select The Best Custom Learning Solutions For The Future Of Work By Integra

Many organizations hire external providers to handle the development and delivery of training assets, from custom-tailored JIT tools to immersive VR simulations. And there are a large number of companies that decide to do it all by themselves. What is the right decision for your company? Can you be sure of the ROI of your investment? Selecting the best learning solution is a difficult process, and it’s easy to make a mistake that could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars, missed deadlines, dissatisfied learners, and loss of revenue. This eBook walks you through every aspect of the evaluation process so that you can easily choose the appropriate solution for your organization.

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