Deep Abundance Integration Is $20 Off Through November 29, 2022 – Steve Pavlina

Deep Abundance Integration

Our most popular self-development course, Deep Abundance Integration, is on sale for $20 off through midnight Pacific Time on Tuesday, November 29, 2022. So you can get it now for $77 instead of $97.

Deep Abundance Integration is a major 30-day video course that teaches you how to upgrade your life from scarcity to abundance mode – financially, socially, and more. We recorded it live in August 2018 with hundreds of people going through it together the first time. The feedback and the results people shared can be found here. Hint: They loved it!

To immerse yourself in an abundance mindset and heartset, get the DAI course now, and watch one video per day for the next 30 days. If you start today, you’ll can finish the course by the end of the year, and you’ll be ready to flow into a very abundant 2023.

After DAI was first recorded, we spent months making it even better with additional bonuses, including creating a 3-volume ebook version of the full course. You’ll get all of that included when you enroll in DAI today.

Scarcity is a phase of self-development that many people go through. What many people don’t realize, however, is that it’s important to understand, accept, and integrate the lessons of scarcity before you graduate to the lessons of abundance. One issue that keeps people stuck in scarcity is mistakenly framing abundance as some kind of escape, as if life will surely become better with more resources such as more money or more social support. That may be how abundance looks on the surface, especially if it’s been eluding you, but that isn’t what life is actually like when abundance becomes your daily reality.

The truth is that there are many new lessons to learn in your abundance phase too, and these lessons can be even more challenging than those you’ll face in scarcity. One way to graduate to abundance faster is to recognize that life doesn’t actually get easier with abundance per se. You will still be challenged, but the nature of the challenges you’ll face will be different. Instead of figuring out how to scrape enough money together to pay your bills, you’ll need to solve bigger problems like how to find and fulfill your purpose. It’s virtually guaranteed that you’ll face more judgment from others too.

Remaining stuck in scarcity can be seen as a way to avoid facing the many problems and challenges of abundance. The DAI course can help you invite real abundance into your life by no longer looking upon it as an escape. To graduate from scarcity to abundance, it’s more intelligent to proclaim that you’re ready for more responsibility.

Let’s get you following your path with a heart in an abundance-aligned way. This is actually more challenging than remaining in scarcity. Abundance is a path of growth, and it requires courage to say yes to it. 💖