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Many actors, writers and other artists choose the experience of psychotherapy and other forms of counseling as a way to be more healthy and to better access their creative talents.

Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard in counseling Big Little LiesIn a Psychology Today article, Molly Knight Raskin discusses how therapy can help access unconscious creative impulses and other material.

Lucy Daniels, PhD credits her more than 20 years in psychoanalysis with saving her life and ultimately dissolving her writer’s block.

“My writer’s block was caused by unconscious conflict very similar to the conflict that caused my anorexia,” she said.

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Psychotherapy and High Sensitivity – As highly sensitive people know, there are advantages to our trait, such as a deeper response to others and the world, and increased creativity – but there can also be emotional and mental health challenges.

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Creative People and Counseling for More Emotional Health and Creativity

Actor Claire Danes once made a wonderful comment about the value of this kind of self-exploration: “My therapist gives me permission to accept that I’m human.”

Psychologist Mihaela Ivan Holtz works with creative people in TV/Film, performing and fine arts. She writes about the values of counseling for creative people:

“Psychotherapy is a powerful transformative journey that can take you from feeling unhappy and stuck to living with emotional freedom as a fulfilled creative or performer.”

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