Are you waiting to feel creative?

By Jenna Avery

A chat with my Writer’s Circle participants inspired today’s post. So often we wait for the right conditions before we write or start our other creative projects.

Although we’d like to imagine otherwise, waiting doesn’t get us very far.

Are you waiting for the right mood to strike before you work on your creative project?

Are you waiting until you have the right room to write or paint in?

Are you waiting until you have the right computer before you can start writing?

Are you waiting until you have the right “voice” or platform before you start sharing your message?

Are you waiting until you’ve picked the right project to start working on?

Are you waiting until you have more money before you pursue your art?

Are you waiting for big blocks of time before you write songs, start your novel, or get that screenplay off the shelf for a rewrite?

Are you waiting to be divinely inspired before you start your project?

Are you waiting for permission to create?

Wait no longer.

Your art will not happen unless you do it. And sometimes that means showing up and doing it even if you don’t know what you’re doing yet.

Besides, in a study by Robert Boice about academic writers, he found that writers who committed to writing daily were TWICE as likely to have a creative thought as writers who wrote when they “felt like it.”

The key here is consistency. Making the effort to show up every day to your creative passion will foster and spark your creativity, not the other way around.

Your Turn

So, what are you waiting for? (No, really, I want to know!)

And what are you ready to stop waiting for?

Warmly, Jenna

~ ~

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