6 Christmas Activities to Make Your Holidays Bright

With the holidays approaching, many of us are beginning to consider our pre-holiday to-do lists. There will be gifts to buy, food to make, and experiences to enjoy. All of this takes a bit of planning and prep work to make great. We know this, that’s why we start thinking about it early!

Plus, we all dream of giving our families “the magic” of a great Christmas. Why not make it extra special this year?

Today I have six popular songs and creative ways to use each to make your Christmas season merry, bright, and SUPER memorable!

1. The 12 Days of Christmas

This classic song is a favorite of just about everyone and can be turned into a one-of-a-kind gift. Use these Christmas gift ideas for 12 days of fun and love. Examples include: pears, dove chocolate, gold ring pops, a little drummer boy ornament, etc. It all goes with the song and it’s super creative!

When you are all done putting it together, doorbell ditch your recipient and enjoy that giver’s high. Get the whole family involved and make GIVING the highlight of your holiday.

2. Jingle Bells

Grab some cheap bells and go for a sleigh ride! Don’t have a sleigh? Go sledding instead, or make it a family activity to ring the bell for Salvation Army this Christmas season. Once you are done, hang your bells on the Christmas tree to remind you of your fun experience.

3. Silent Night

This beautiful song reminds us of what Christmas is truly about – the birth of Jesus. So, use it as a start to giving the kids more knowledge about who Jesus was, and what he stands for. Even grownups could often use the reminder.

Sing the song while you put out your nativity and other religious decorations. Then, read a book about the birth and the three wise men.

4. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Use this beloved kids song to have a movie night! Make Rudolph pancakes, watch the old show, and sing Rudolph together as you dance around. Teach them the different fun versions of the song! (These things can also be done with Frosty the Snowman)

Don’t forget the book too! Check out these funny picture Christmas books for kids >>

5. Feliz Navidad

Next, use this song as a springboard for learning a little Spanish this holiday season. There’s no better time to grow and expand your mind. Look up other common Spanish phrases, cultural holiday traditions, and even Christmas words to use throughout the season.

6. Here Comes Santa Claus

Finally, the kids will love this one! Play their favorite Santa song while you write a letter to the North Pole, wrap presents for others this year, or put up stockings. Don’t forget the egg nog!

In Conclusion

Music brings us together – so don’t forget to do some caroling! I hope you enjoyed these easy ways to bring songs to life. We all dream of a magical holiday season, so why not get planning one early this year and make it as intentional as possible. Your family will thank you!