Some people think that having wealth, power, or status gives them the right to be rude. Other folks don’t know how to behave or simply don’t care how they treat others. Shame on them! The signs are too familiar. You have to wonder what they’re thinking or whether they’re even thinking at all. In any case, there’s simply no excuse for acting that way.

No one has the right to be rude.

If you’re so busy or focused on your own needs that you don’t see how you’re treating people, it’s time to wake up. Your behavior is not only impacting other folks, but it’s affecting you as well. What impact do you think rudeness has on your credibility, relationships, and career? While you may not be able to quantify the damage, I can assure you it isn’t pretty.

50 Signs That a Person Is Rude

What gives you or anybody the right to be unpleasant, impolite, or inconsiderate? Here are 50 signs of a rude person. Do any of these items sound familiar?

Do you:

  1. Look down your nose at people?
  2. Snap your fingers to get people’s attention?
  3. Cut in line?
  4. Invade other people’s personal space?
  5. Belittle people in public?
  6. Cut someone off to get a parking space?
  7. Make your problems their problem?
  8. Groom yourself in public?
  9. Enter a room without saying hello?
  10. Overstay your welcome?
  11. Take your shoes off in close quarters?
  12. Shout to folks across the room?
  13. Talk with your mouth full?
  14. Spray sunscreen near others?
  15. Visit someone empty-handed?
  16. Look down at your phone when people talk to you?
  17. Keep borrowed items, rather than returning them?
  18. Cough without covering your mouth?
  19. Litter, because you’re too lazy to find a trash bin?
  20. Let your kids run wild?
  21. Mumble under your breath?
  22. Eat before others are served?
  23. Blast your music in public?
  24. Refuse to say please or thank you?
  25. Take more than your share?
  26. Hog things, denying others a turn?
  27. Refuse to clean up after yourself?
  28. Leave someone out of the loop intentionally?
  29. Talk on your speakerphone in public?
  30. Monopolize someone’s time?
  31. Stiff the waiter to save a few bucks?
  32. Slam the door in someone’s face?
  33. Talk someone’s ear off without asking if they have time to chat?
  34. Cry wolf to get attention?
  35. Interrupt — because you think everything you say is more important?
  36. Put your comfort ahead of everyone else’s?
  37. Practice poor hygiene?
  38. RSVP late?
  39. Yell at the waiter because the restaurant ran out of your favorite food?
  40. Talk continuously about yourself?
  41. Ask sensitive, inappropriate questions?
  42. Use foul language?
  43. Demand that everything be done on your terms?
  44. Think rules don’t apply to you?
  45. Take things that don’t belong to you?
  46. Send your kids to school sick?
  47. Take a lot, but rarely give?
  48. Expect others to jump — because you waited till the last minute?
  49. Show up late on a regular basis?
  50. Make fun of people who are different?

Have a Change of Heart

If you see yourself in these scenarios, I hope it gives you pause. Even though you don’t intentionally want to upset people, the truth is that you may be doing just that. It doesn’t take much to modify your behavior, but it does take a conscious effort to do so. You’ll find that being kind and considerate will not only do wonders for the folks around you, but it’ll make you feel better about yourself as well.

When you look in the mirror at the end of the day, you’ll like what you see. So, choose to put others first, make people feel special, and bring out the best in those around you. Why would you do anything less?

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What Signs of Rude Behavior Do You see Most?

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