Many of us know it as, the value of improving our feelings of self worth is known as self-esteem. It has been found in brain scan studies that people with higher self-esteem are more confident about themselves and more resilient. These studies also demonstrate that higher self-esteem makes one feel less pain from things like rejection and failures. Therefore they can bounce back quickly from such situations. People with higher self-esteem also have less vulnerability to anxiety. 

All of this looks and sounds so wonderful to have, but the reality check is “it’s not” that “easy.”

Building a higher self-esteem takes a lot of hard work and patience to be put in by one.Even after so many articles, courses and products stored out there, they don’t really always work, many fail and a lot of times make few people feel worse.  

Mostly  People with low self-esteem tend to see the world as a hostile place and see themselves as victims. Due to this they keep resisting change and assert themselves that causes them to miss opportunities and makes them feel powerless towards achieving their goals. The major reasons in our lives to have low self-esteem are messed up relationships in personal life or work, feeling alone and emotionally let down, not reaching anywhere in life etc. All these emotions that we go through in our daily life causes low self-esteem.  

Let’s practice the right ways to improve our self-esteem and work on them when it’s at it’s low. By implementing them slowly and steadily this will help us achieve our goals of higher self-esteem. Here are few smart long lasting ways we can help build our self-esteem. 

  1. Identify your expertise and develop them.

Self-esteem is built by manifesting genuine abilities and accomplishments in the areas of our life that matter to us. For example if you are great at teaching, then start taking more classes, one-on-one coaching and enhance your real talent, or if you are good at managing events apply to more event management companies and take your talents to its next level. In short find your incredible talents and nurture them by exploring more opportunities and careers in those areas.

  1. Make positive affirmations 

There are many affirmations to use for building self-esteem but the most well known is “I am going to be a huge success!”. This affirmation works boldly on people with higher self-esteem but ironically it does not work on everyone. People with a low self-esteem feel anxious and it may create a sense of doubt. Hence, for that we could simply change the affirmation from “I am going to be a huge success!” to “ I am going to have persistence until I succeed!”.

  1. Welcome self-compassion and eradicate self criticism.

Despite problems in our lives we must remind ourselves how special we are, how unique, valuable and still make sure we feel love towards ourselves. We need to take care of our emotional and physical state of mind and body. Unfortunately we are likely to damage our own self-esteem by self criticizing. Completely focus on eradicating thoughts like “I never do anything right”, “I am less in every way”, “No one likes me”, “I am meant to be alone and sad”, etc . All these are just negative thoughts that appear due to lack of high self-esteem. Once we achieve eradicating these thoughts we will see a complete new us ready to embrace our talent and worth in every way possible.

  1. Know your Real Worth 

To evaluate this about ourselves we need to list down all those things that need to be worked on. For example, if someone lost a promotion at work ,find out where we lacked in terms of work or was it lack of consistency or less discipline at work etc. It could be breakup in a relationship ,why did this happen, list the causes down to yourself like less loyalty issues , compassion from one another ,communication issues etc. Once all of it is listed down then try to pin down a small essay or letter to yourself about it to get it out of your system. This exercise will also help you deal with these issues in your own time and comfort, making you more focused to improve and work on yourself. 

  1. Focus on Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene plays a very critical role in improving self-esteem. When we feel fresh and active we tend to be more confident and there is a boost of energy thriving inside of us. For being focus on growing our self-esteem we need to shower every day wear clean iron clothes not the crumbled ones, cut our nails, do our hair, make sure to start your day with a good healthy breakfast and make sure do have some workout planned for our week, no matter how small it could be like 10 minutes or 30 minutes let just do it. All these activities play a major role in pushing our inner self to making us feel vibrant and happy.    


Working towards ourselves taking these steps towards building a higher self-esteem will be the most bravest and proudest efforts we should take for a healthier lifestyle. From there on it’s a Journey to unravel ourselves, welcome the good new changes in our lives and appreciate each effort we take for improving and working on ourselves. 

I would love to hear from you all about your experiences or different things you all would love to share about yourselves or your stories with us to  inspire us all in our comments below.