As a blogger who writes on a wide variety of topics, my experience with blogging may be slightly different than more-niched bloggers. However, regardless of the differences between broad and niched blogging, I believe that this article does a good job of showcasing most of the general positives of blogging. 

1. Blogging Helps Me Get Stuff Done 

Often when I want to do something, I just write an article about it.  

For example, when I wanted to learn more about sleeping, I wrote an article about tips to sleep better at night, and when I wanted to read more, I wrote an article about how to read more. It’s not always practical to write an article about the things I want to do, but for a lot of things, it can really help.

The reasons why it helps is because writing articles takes exhaustive research, hours of outlining, writing, and editing, and then publishing. The research helps inform my decision making and planning. The outlining, writing, and editing helps to organize my thoughts and plans, and it helps me remember minute details ( It’s difficult to forget something I’ve written a thousand well-edited words on.)  And, then the publishing provides insightful feedback through comments and emails, and a social reinforcement to produce great, high-quality work ( which of course translates to great plans to sleep better and read more )   

Last but not least, since I write one article at a time, writing articles focuses me on one thing at a time, which, for me, is an important part of getting things done. 

2. I Enjoy Blogging

I enjoy blogging because:

  • I Find Blogging Relaxing: When I blog, I listen to nice music, I frequent Reddit and laugh at memes, and I work at my own pace. It’s not quite a full vegetative state, but it’s the closest I can get to being relaxed while still being able to tell myself I am ‘being productive.’
  • I Find Blogging Stimulating: To write my articles, I need to learn all about the subject matter, then I need to distill what I learn into a coherent, well-organized article. Then, to make sure that more than just a couple people read my article, I need to make it optimized for search engines, fill it to the brim with gifs and images, and, whenever possible, embed a good video. It’s a challenge, but a stimulating and rewarding one. 
  • I Find Blogging Fun: Finding creative ways to write blogs is a nightmare for some and a fun time for others. I count myself as part of the latter group. I have fun coming up with things to write about, I have fun writing, and I fun sharing what I create. 
  • I Find Blogging Fulfilling: A lot of what I blog about meets at the crossroads of what I am interested in and what I think will be useful to others. When I help myself, I’m happy, and when I can help myself and others, I’m over-the-moon. 

3. Blogging Makes Me a Better Writer and Communicator

Writing and editing long-form articles makes me a better writer. No duh. 

4. Blogging Can Make Money

Although it’s near impossible to write one article and make money from it, when you’ve written a lot of articles you can start to write for other publications that sometimes pay, you can write a book or create a course, and if search engines rank your website, you can make money with ads or by asking for money through Patreon and Paypal.

Of course, the above passage only scratches the surface of how people make money from blogging. To learn more about how bloggers make their money – and how much they make – check out this article / study by Brandon Gaille who breaks down the income streams of popular blog types. ( Food, Finance, Lifestyle, Etc. ) 

5. You Can Make Friends From Blogging  

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