4 Top Tips To Be Successful On Tinder

Wondering how you can be successful on Tinder? Here are some great tips to do so.

1. Understand The Superficiality Of Tinder

The reality of Tinder is quite different from what you may want to believe. Tinder is quite superficial but you can use this for your own benefit. On Tinder, all that truly matters is how you look. If anyone indicates differently, chances are that they are trying to sell you some product or service.

I’ve personally learned to put my own feelings of anger and resentment to the side and enjoy the superficiality of this platform. Of course, I do wish this app was different. It is odd that people have essentially made an app where everyone is judged by how they look. So, once you are armed with this knowledge and are interested in online dating, you can enjoy it for what it actually is.

Now, it is difficult to be judged only by how you actually look. However if you’re a straight male on this app, you have even more challenges. For one, on Tinder, there is only one female for every three males.

Therefore, you definitely need to look your absolute best and work on those basics. This includes getting enough sleep, having a skin care routine, exercising regularly, having a great wardrobe, meditating, eating healthy food etc. Essentially, in order to get in the game and stay in it, you need to get your life in order.

This is certainly off-putting in many ways as you may feel like you may never actually get a date with these odds. However, with that said, you don’t need to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger in order to get a date. Simply starting that journey is more than enough to help you be successful in dating. Basically, you will gain confidence by simply working on yourself and this will naturally show off in how you talk as well as in your photos.

Additionally, when you take care of yourself, it naturally improves your social rank. According to traditional beauty standards, it is ideal to be slim. Now, this means that once you are not actually overweight, this will essentially place you higher in the ranks and as high up as in the top 25% of Tinder users in the United States. So, just cleaning up your diet and working out consistently will increase your odds!

2. Thoroughly test and tweak your Tinder profile

Next, we will move onto the swiping. You should not aim to simply get as many matches as possible but the correct type. Essentially, you should aim to get matches with people who find you very likeable and you both have similar desires and intentions.

Therefore, you will require a profile that conveys the correct message. You will need to test this by showing your Tinder profile to people who are in your target audience. For example, after showing them your profile, ask if they would swipe right on you or not. Also, ask what type of impression your profile gives off. This can prove to be an extremely insightful practice. One time I did this exercise with a friend and she actually told me that my profile has a vibe that indicates I want kids. This was quite shocking since I wasn’t interested in a serious relationship at that time.

After you’ve received feedback, you can start to adjust your profile. This means showing a bit more skin or even less, changing your smile, reducing or increasing photos with you clubbing, changing up your bio etc. It will take you some time to do this, however, once you get it right, you will definitely know.

If you don’t want to ask friends or acquaintances, then you can use a tool on the website, photofeeler.com that can help you. On this website, you can upload your Tinder photos and it will ask a variety of strangers to rate your photos according to attractiveness, intelligence, trustworthiness etc.

3. Show vulnerability

You may be wondering, what is the best bio or pick up line?

If you do a search on Google, you will be able to find lots of great pick up lines and bios. However, the issue with using these is that they won’t be in alignment with who you actually are and your true personality. So, once secure a date and they actually spend time with you, your match will realize that your Tinder profile doesn’t match who you actually are.

Therefore, when you are creating your profile as well as chatting with matches, you should always strive to be your authentic self. This means showing off who you are in reality. This is important because you are talking to real people and there is nothing better than genuinely connecting with another human being. It matters, even if all you want to do is hook up.

4. Pay attention to the algorithm’s rules

Even if you have a fantastic Tinder profile, it is still possible to have a difficult time getting matches. This is due to the fact that the Tinder algorithm uses a desirability score. You would be unable to actually see your own score which is an important factor when it comes to your success on Tinder. If you have a high desirability score, then other people will see your profile first. If you have a low score, this would likely result in your profile getting shadowbanned. So, it is essential that you learn the rules of the algorithm and play by them.

Now, this is quite difficult since the algorithm is a mystery to most people. However, you can use whatever information is available publicly along with your own experience to draw particular assumptions.

One of the things you’ll learn is that if you only swipe ripe on the majority of profiles that you see, this will lower your desirability score significantly. Your score is affected by your own swipes, so by swiping right on every profile will surely place your own score at zero.

Next, dating apps are interested in high user engagement. As a result, you should strive to talk to your matches and have full conversations. You should also strive to have the last word which would be easy once you’re critical of your dating choices should you end up with a Russian escort in London.

The final way to improve your score is to ensure your profile is 100% complete. Even if you don’t want to reveal certain information about yourself, you can simply input a clever reply. For example, if you don’t want to reveal that you’re a successful entrepreneur, you can simply say that you work at Krusty Krab but your photos actually indicate that you are wealthy.